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We have a huge variety of music.

PHD Sound Systems will have the variety of music that will keep your party on the dance floor from beginning to end. PHD Sound Systems music collection includes -Top 40, R&B, Oldies, Dance, Country, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Alternative, Big Band, Latin, Disco, Classical, Reggae, Ska, and some stuff that even we don't even know how to classify.

During our planning meetings we will assist you in choosing music for your wedding or special event. Our Wedding and Event Planner will ask you what music you like. A good way for you to decide what music you want is to look through your music collection. Also look at what CDs or tapes you keep in your car or on your IPod. If you like it enough to listen to it when you're driving everyday and you can dance to it, the song should probably make your music list. During the planning meeting, we will also ask you the more important question, "What music do you NOT want played at your wedding or special event?".

A lot of DJ's will try to pre-guess your music needs and only bring those songs. At PHD Sound Systems our policy is to bring our full and very complete collection of music to your wedding or special event. This will enable us to fully serve you and your guests' requests on your special day. We will have the variety of music with us to keep your party on the dance floor from beginning to end.


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